Manufacturing of Electronic Assemblies, PCBs, and Harnesses

Ardeonova offers a full range of services for the manufacturing of electronic assemblies, printed circuit boards (PCBs), and harnesses. Our advanced production capabilities and experienced engineering team ensure the highest quality of products and compliance with all customer requirements.

We specialize in the production of PCBs of any complexity. Our equipment allows us to manufacture boards with the finest details, including components as small as 0402. We work with various types of boards, ensuring high precision and reliability.
Modern Technologies and Equipment
Our capabilities include the assembly of all types of electronic components, such as SMD, through-hole, and BGA. We use state-of-the-art equipment for both automated and manual assembly, allowing us to handle even the most complex and miniature components with high accuracy.
We manufacture harnesses of any complexity for various industries. Our specialists ensure high-quality assembly and testing of harnesses, guaranteeing their reliability and durability in operation.
Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Manufacturing
Electronic Component Assembly
Harness Manufacturing
Our team of engineers provides design and development services for electronic assemblies and PCBs. We assist our clients at all stages — from concept to mass production.
Design and Development
Engineering Services
We perform assembly and setup of electronic devices, ensuring their readiness for operation. Our specialists thoroughly check each product to guarantee its proper functioning and compliance with technical requirements.
Assembly and Setup
All our products undergo stringent quality control and testing. We use modern methods and equipment to verify the functionality and reliability of electronic assemblies. This allows us to detect and eliminate any defects at early stages of production.
Testing and Quality Control
Ardeonova is always striving for excellence and is ready to offer its clients the most modern and reliable solutions in the field of electronic assemblies, PCBs, and harnesses manufacturing. We guarantee high quality, precision, and timely fulfillment of all orders.
We understand that each task is unique and sometimes requires the production of small batches of complex products. We are ready to offer custom solutions tailored to each client’s needs. Our flexibility and experience enable us to effectively handle such tasks, ensuring high quality and prompt delivery.
Custom Approach and Small Batch Production