RF Conicity

RFConicity is a specialized application designed to track multiple wheel/rail contact parameters including contact angles, rolling radius difference and more.

Wheel rolling surface parameters calculation. Calculations are made in accordance with the standard EN15302.


Wheel and Rail profiles

Displaying the wheel and rail profiles

Equivalent Conicity

Behavior of contact between wheels and rails on straight track or large radius bends

Rolling Radius Difference

Difference between radiuses of the rolling circle depending on the wheelset displacement

Contact Points

Representation of wheel contact points with rail at wheel pair traverse displacement

Contact Angles

Difference between contact angle depending on the wheelset displacement


Name Modified Size
Windows online installer 2016-05-30 13,7 Mb
Windows offline installer 2016-05-30 23,1 Mb
RFConicity User Manual 2016-05-30 4,0 Mb