We also provide application developers with a multi-platform Software Development Kit (SDK), offering different levels of programmatic control, protocol support, and programming language support.

RFSDK (RIFTEK Software Development Kit) includes the detailed description of all functions and the examples of programs in different programming languages (C++, C#, Pascal) ported to various platforms (Windows, Linux, .NET) as well as the examples of using the libraries in different environments (MATLAB, LABVIEW).

List of devices supported:

  • RF256 Absolute linear encoders
  • RF603/B/DHS Laser triangulation sensors
  • RF605 Compact laser sensors
  • RF620 2D laser scanners
  • RF625/DHS 2D laser scanners
  • RF651 Optical micrometers
  • RF656 Optical micrometers
  • RF711 Digital inclinometers
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RF SDK 2016-05-30 3,8 Mb