Triangulation Rangefinder AN-11TL

Triangulation Rangefinder AN-11TL

Triangulation rangefinder AN-11TL is designed for measuring the distance to the object with high accuracy without contacting it.

The aim of triangulation rangefinder is determining the distance to the object, the offset relative to the meter in real time, the surface geometry. The rangefinder has IP67 protection degree and data transfer with help of RS232, RS485 and Ethernet interfaces.

The triangulation rangefinder AN-11TL has the next possibilities:

  • contactless determination of the distance to the objects
  • high-frequency measurement
  • measurement of minimum or maximum distance
  • ability to integrate with robots, machines, automatic lines

Basic specifications of Triangulation rangefinder AN-11TL

Light source

Type Red, Green, Infrared, Blue semiconductor laser
Wavelength 405, 532, 658 (default), 808
Laser class Class 2 Laser Product
Output 0,1..5 mW

General information

Measuring range, Z-axis (Height) 20..2700 mm

Linearity, Z-axis (Height)

± 0.05% of the range

Measurement frequency

9,2 kHz


RS232, RS485, Ethernet

Temperature characteristics

when changed by 1° C, the characteristics change by 0.01%

Enclosure rating IP67 
Housing aluminum
Weight 50...670 g

Environment resistance

Shock resistance

30 G/6 ms

Operating ambient temperature, °С

0 .. +60°C

Operating ambient humidity

5-95% RH (no condensation)


20 G /10 ... 1000 Hz, 6 hours in X, Y and Z

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