Laser Scanners AN-x2TL

Laser scanners are intended for non-contact measuring and checking of the surface profile, position, displacement, dimensions, sorting, 3D scanning, high precision measurement of the geometrical parameters and the object position.

AN-02TL, AN-12TL, AN-32TL series is divided into 3 dimensions groups: compact, standard and large lines. AN-22TL - laser scanner based on diffractive optical elements.

All 2D laser scanners are available in 4 laser types: blue, green, red, infrared.

Opportunities of the scanners:

  • contactless determination of the surface geometry
  • ​control and troubleshooting of the finished parts in accordance with the sample
  • control of the position and the geometry of the objects in real time
  • creation of three-dimensional models of the object
  • ability to integrate with robots, machines, automatic lines


AN-02TL, AN-12TL, AN-32TL series is divided into 3 groups:

  • group of scanners in a compact housing (compact line)
  • group of scanners in a standard housing (standard line)
  • group of scanners in a large housing (large line)

AN-02TLAN-12TL, AN-22TLAN-32TL series are available in 4 versions:

  • based on blue lasers (BLUE version), 405 nm
  • based on green laser (GREEN version), 532 nm
  • based on red laser (RED version), 658 nm
  • based on infrared lasers (INFRARED version), 808 nm

Using a variety of lasers is caused by a wide range of tasks of scanning surfaces. The use of blue lasers instead of conventional red ones significantly enhances scanners capabilities, in particular, in control of shiny materials, high-temperature objects and organic materials.

The use of scanners with different laser wavelength in one measurement system avoids scanners mutual influence and greatly simplifies the system construction.

The following additional options can be added to the scanner configuration on the customer’s request:

  • Airflow system - for removing dust, shavings and drops of liquid from the surface of protective windows.
  • Removable windows - for protecting the basic windows from the dust, dirt and shavings.
  • Cooling system (air cooling/water cooling) - for using scanners in conditions of high ambient temperature.
  • Special protective housing - for using scanners in hard industrial conditions.

We can customize scanner configuration to customer's requirements.

Basic specifications of 2D Laser Scanners AN-02TL, AN-12TL, AN-22TL, AN-32TL Series:

 Working ranges

General information

Linearity, Z-axis (Height)

less than 0.05% of the range
AN-22TL - 0.1% of the range

Measurement frequency

AN-02TL with base frequency 250 Hz
AN-12TL with base frequency 60 Hz
AN-22TL with base frequency 60 Hz
AN-32TL with base frequency 1000 Hz


Ethernet IPv4

Power supply

12…32 V

Environment resistance

Enclosure rating


Shock resistance

15 g/6 ms

Operating ambient temperature, °С

0…+55 °С

Operating ambient humidity

20-85% RH (no condensation)


10...57 Hz, 1.5 mm double amplitude in X, Y and Z directions, 3 hours respectively

Housing/windows material




MR, mm


Weight, g

Housing version

AN-х2TL-50 20*..200 Class 3 400 Compact
AN-х2TL-300 150..600 Class 3 500 Standard
AN-х2TL-600 500..1200* Class 3 1300 Large
AN-22TL 150..800* Class 3 600 Standard

* this values can be revised when ordering
Base and X-axis measuring ranges will be clarified when ordering

AN-02TL, AN-12TL, AN-32TL dimensions

Compact housing version:

Standard housing version:

Large housing version:


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